When Yasu of Hiro Creations got his first 3d printer in 2015, he was faced with an incredibly challenging problem, 3d printing could provide a user with near unlimited creativity potential--only limited by the 3d files of the props and armor he wanted to create for future cosplays.

While there were some options available in a few file repositories provided by very generous designers, the variety of printable props were very limited only to a few popular fandoms and sometimes the quality of the 3d model was questionable usually since it was ripped directly from the game.

So Yasu started slowly learning how to model his own armors and props first using Blender, then graduating to Fusion 360 for nearly all his modeling work. With recent builds like his award winning Fallout T-60 Power Armors and Game of Thrones Lannister Armor, he has become increasingly adept utilizing the full potential of 3d printing to rapidly fabricate a variety of props and armors. 

3d Printed Cosplay is a idea for giving back to the community by offering up free cosplay focused 3d models of popular props and costumes that people can use in building their own cosplay. 

While you are under no obligation to, if you would like to support me and Hiro Creations build even more crazier things and put out more awesome content for the community consider supporting the Hiro Creations Patreon:


Patreon backers also enjoy other perks like exclusive access to more complicated armors and prop models, the ability to vote on what I design next, 3d printing and cosplay Q&A sessions